Welcome to Denta Mitra

It is an oral health tracking app with artificial intelligence based scanning by dentist Dr. Pranjan Mitra.

This mobile application with a start-of-art features will help everyone of us to track and focus on our dental health conditions from anywhere. Subsequently one could find and connect with nearby dentists within the app itself rather than finding it on a different app.
Through this app we will be able to promote importance of oral health among people.
Why Denta Mitra App ?
Dental diseases in rural India are primarily due to a lack of knowledge about oral health and hygiene, and systemic infrastructure deficiencies that prevent proper screening and dental care of oral diseases, especially in rural areas. In the present 21 st century technology is immensely contributing in health care sector. Thus our idea is to use mobile technology to increase the awareness of dental care and services as most of the people in India use smartphones . So, we propose the concept of Denta Scan which is to create a dental app that will inform, motivate people about dental diseases and perform preliminary scanning of the oral cavity to make the individual aware of the dental problem.
The app will have sensing feature in which it will be able to scan the oral cavity using camera features in the mobile.
The app will further give an insight of the problem of the patient.
A reminder section corresponding to the responses of the individuals. for eg. Person brushing once a day is reminded to brush twice a day.
Oral Health
A general questionnaire to assess the knowledge of the individual regarding oral health. A score will be assigned based on the responses of the individual. Based on the scores individuals will be rated.
TA section regrading oral health tips for general information.
Dental Problems
A section pertaining to oral health education for individuals with pictorial representation of common diseases and their treatment.
Dentist Near Me
This will show you Dentists near you.